Brooding of game chick

Many game fowl breeders believed that the preparation of game fowl in order to win in battle start from the time of breeding and caring of game chick at their young age. There are questions in the caring of game chick whether it is good or bad to brood game chick for a long period of time. Why game chick is need to be put in a brooding pen? The reason is that to provide a game chick enough heat so that they can survive. Based on my experience if the heat is not enough for a young game chick they will die.

Some of the game fowl breeders prefer not to use a brooding pen for their chick but instead they use the natural method that the game chick is within their mother and heat will be provided to the game chick by the hen. Then the chicks are free to go around in open range together with the mother hen. But the problem of this is that when you breed and produce volume of game chicks it is difficult to practice this because of limited space and also there are not enough brood hens that will be used to take care of the chicks. And this method is not applicable to a big time breeder because they need to produce thousands more game chicks for their customers.

Based on my own experience I have observed in some of the game farm is that during breeding season they collect eggs from breeding pen then they use egg incubator to hatch the egg, usually they load hundreds or even thousands of egg. During the time the egg will hatch they put the chicks into a brooder for about three to four weeks. Then from a brooder they transfer the chick in a chicken house that is enclose in order to prevent the wind. The chicken house flooring is a soil with sand or hay. The purpose of transferring the game chick to a chicken house with soil floor is to allow the chicks to scratch their legs because scratching is good exercise to a game fowl.

Putting the game chick in brooding pen for a long period of time is not good because they cannot exercise their legs and it will make the legs of a game chick bigger and a bigger leg is a dis advantage to a game fowl during the day of battle. And also brooding the game chicken inside brooding pen is not good because they are prone to some chicken disease. So therefore, brooding of game chick for a long period of time is not good. It is better to leave the game chick in an open range to let them exercise their legs.