Thursday, August 25, 2016

Driverless car technology has no limit

It is really true that technology has no limit, it needs only to the inventor to invent limitless technology like the auto pilot airplane and today there are new technology such as driverless car or automobile. This technology can help great in the transportation services wherein many can benefit of this. Having car or automobile that is driverless is an innovation and it really an evidence that there is no limit in technology.

In the future there are many cars or automobile manufacture that will develop what so called a driverless car, or an auto driving car or a drive by wire car. I believe that this technology is needed today in this world of computer age and it is good that there are people who are keep going on to their researches to provide as with the latest and useful technology.

I believed that the concept on how this driverless car or automobile will be develop and operate is that some technology company will deal with the automobile or car manufacturer to develop a car that could be embedded with a software that will control the operation of a driverless car. The sensor are needed and it will be installed in the car or automobile and it will be use by the system to detect or sense other vehicles and obstacles along the way.

Also the driverless car or automobile need to be equipped with Internet connection and a GPS so that it can be use by the system in determining the location and coordinates needed. For example the GPS will be used to determine the destination place. The driverless car or automobile is also needed to equip with a voice command system so that a user can trigger or issue voice command to a driverless car like go, open the door and other voice command.