Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Duo app for android and iPhone

The new mobile app for video chatting was launched by Google. The Duo app is like the existing video chatting apps like Facetime from iOS, Skype from Microsoft and the other popular video chatting of Facebook, the Messenger. This new app the Duo is available for android mobile devices and also for mobile devices that is iPhones running in iOS. This newly lunch mobile app is very helpful to the user like me because I am usually using video chatting app to be connected and to communicate with my families and friends who are living in a distance.

Base on my experience in the use of video chatting app it is very advantageous to the public because it is free. You can be connected with other people around the world using a free and effective app like the use of Facebook messenger, the skype and now the latest and the new video chatting app the Duo from the most popular Google. And I am personally giving my thanks to Google for this kind of technology that is very useful to us and this can help the community because we can use it for free.
The as far as I know the Duo app video chatting from Google is very innovative and it is a simple video chatting app, very useful and the user can communicate with their friends and relatives using the given phone number. It has a mechanism that a user before answering the call it will first give idea who is calling and it is for the user whether the call will be accepted or rejected.

The features of the Duo app are suitable to be used by families who are living apart. For example a parent is working abroad the Duo app can be used to communicate with their children. Since it is free of charge user can make several video call to their families or friends. Once again thank very much Google for proving us the latest technology in video chatting that is free of charge.