Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie

The controversial star Justin Bieber and his rumored girlfriend Sofia Richie is the talk of net now because this star are very popular and they have thousands of fans around the world that follow their every moves to become updated with their latest status. Although it is only a rumored that Sofia Richie is a girlfriend of the controversial star Justin Bieber but sometimes it becomes true. 

My own opinion about the latest rumored between my idol Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie is that, it is their own way or technique to become popular and maybe they have something to endorse or promote that is why they come out and have this.  We cannot deny that some of the star although they are already very popular but sometimes situation like this is needed for some reason.

And also there is nothing wrong about that if it is true that the new girlfriend of Justin Bieber is the beautiful Sofia Ritchie. I believe that with this new controversial there are many different reactions coming from the fans of Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie. But what is important is they do not hurt other people. It is good to have a love one but also think before you will in in that situation.

It is normal for the fans of Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie to react because as we know that Justin and Sofia are very popular celebrity. Whether this rumored is true or not, it is important that the fans will give their support for both of them. This is a normal situation and there is nothing for the fans of Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie to worry much. They know what is good for them because I believe that they are Intelligent. For all the fans of Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie keep on updating with their latest status in order to know more about the latest with Justin Bieber.