Thursday, August 11, 2016

My reaction on rogue one

I am happy and excited that there is another new star wars story the rogue one. Since I was a child I love to watch movies I always monitor the release of the trailer of new and coming soon movies. I like movies and one of my favorite is the movie of star wars. I like star wars because it is a combination of sci-fi and action. Since I am a kid and up to now that I am a father of two kids star wars movie is still my favorite.

What is in star wars movie that I like most? For me the sound effects, light effects, animation and also the story is very good and it is very exciting to watch. As I can remember I have books on star wars that I have collected and read so that I can understand very well the story in the star wars movie. Rogue one star wars movie today is very popular especially to those who like that movie like me.
I believe that this new star wars movie will become a favorite of today’s generation whether the young and the old. Watching the trailer of rouge one star wars movie makes me feel excited; yes I fell to much excitement because I am a solid fan of star wars movie. 

There is a saying that “like father like son”, I believe on that because my eldest son is also a fan of star wars movie, just like me he always updated about the new star wars movie. He has also a collection of star wars book. I am going to watch rouge one star wars movie in cinema together with my two sons. This is one of our most awaited movie. What I am expected in rouge star wars movie is the effects, like sound, animation, and tricks and also the story of the movie.