Start breeding using quality materials

It is a good idea to start breeding game fowl using quality materials, why? The answer is, based on my experience when you start breeding whether it is small or big you are using money, time, and effort. If you do not start using the right quality breeding materials it will bring you to a wrong way wherein your money will be lost and you can no longer recover it. Start breeding right so that it will result to a right end.

Why need to have a quality material when starting to breed game fowl or fighting cocks? The ultimate goal of every game fowl breeder is to produce quality fighting cocks to be used for battle and to become a champion in derbies like the famous world slasher cup and bakbakan stag derby. Other game fowl breeder is aiming for the development of quality breeding materials. Game fowl breeders can only achieve this when they are going to choose and use quality breeding materials at start of their breeding.

How game fowl breeders can produce quality breeding materials and super battle cross if they start on breeding with a low quality material? It is impossible to have quality output when your input is of low class or low quality. Most of the well-known and successful game fowl breeder today invested lots of money to have quality breeding materials. In fact most of them spend money only to buy imported breeding materials because they want quality and it is a good idea to start breeding with quality in order for a game fowl breeder to reach the ultimate goal. Again start breeding right so that it will end right.

Based on my experience, I learned that having game fowl breeding materials that is available and not of quality will result to losing of money because you will always lose your money in cockpit. And also no buyer that will buy a low quality game fowl or fighting cocks at a reasonable price.