Sunday, August 14, 2016

Throwback in game fowl breeding

The breeding of game fowl is very challenging; you need to go with the process of trial and error in order to become successful with your breeding. What is a throwback in a game fowl breeding? For me a throwback is an offspring of breeding wherein the appearance is different among the expectations for example, a game fowl breeder breed the roundhead cock to a lemon hen and then unexpectedly it produces an output were the offspring is white. The expectation is have an offspring for example ponkan but a white one comes. Usually the throwback is only one.

The bloodline of a throwback is the same blood line with other sister or brother. Throwback contains one-half blood of his father and one-half blood of his mother. Therefore the appearance of throwback differs from the appearance of its brother and sister but their blood composition is the same. I you breed pure and then there is a throwback then that throwback is also a pure breed. For example you are line breeding a pure kelso cock to a pure kelso hen and there is a throwback that is white in color, that throwback is a pure breed white kelso.

The throwback can be a new variety of game fowl breed. Before hatches family of chicken are majority dark red in color but today there is what they called white hatch. And also before kelso are usually light red in color but today there is a new variety which the color is white. Therefore a throwback can be a new variety of a base blood line and it can be a pure breed or a cross-breed of chicken.

In the Philippines there is a lot of game fowl breeders who produce excellent fighting cocks. And majority of them also experience an offspring that is throwback. Some of them have a throwback of hennies, black, white, gold and others and later they made it as a new variety of game fowl blood line.