Monday, November 14, 2016

Cooking is my fashion

Cooking is my fashion and I really love cooking for my family. It is the way to say to them that they are important to me.  It is also one way of bonding to my kids were I always cooked for them during weekend. I am a working in a distant and I meet with my kids during weekend. I am the one who prepared their needs for one week such as their snacks and stock of meat from pork, beef, chicken and fish.  One of the menu that I prepare for them and they really want is the sisig bangus (milk fish). Preparing the sisig bangus(milk fish) needs patient because you need to make the bangus(milk fish) boneless.

To cook a sisig bangus (milk fish) you need to have the following ingredients,  2 fish bangus(milk fish) about 1 kilo, 2 pieces onion, garlic 4 gloves, oyster sauce, salt, calamansi 6 pieces and cooking oil or butter.

Aside from sisig bangus (milk fish), there is also a pork sisig but if you are health conscious it is better to have a sisig bangus(milk fish) than a pork sisig because bangus(milk fish) has lesser cholesterol than pork sisig. One thing that I learned is that the sisig bangus (milk fish) is delicious and it is healthier to be eaten than the pork sisig. There is also a benefits from eating bangus(milk fish) because the vitamin E it contains and the omega 3 that is good for the heart.  But  there are people who still love to eat pork sisig any it is a matter of choice.

The steps in cooking or preparing sisig bangus(milk fish)

1. Clean the bangus (milk fish)
2. Make the bangus (milk fish) boneless by removing the bones
3. Chop the meat of boneless bangus(milk fish)
4. Chop the onion, garlic, and pepper
5. Heat the frying fan put a little cooking oil or butter
6. Saut√© the  chop the onion, garlic, and pepper
6. When the color of chop the onion, garlic, and pepper is turning to light brown add the meat of bangus (milk fish)

7. Add the oyster sauce, calamansi and a little of salt taste it if ok then continue to Saut√© until the moisture will decrease. Serve it!