Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to prevent disease by releasing body waste

Diseases can be prevented by releasing our boy waste regularly. What are body waste that can cause disease in our body? For me based on my experience the body waste are the food that we take that are digested like the urine and the stool. There is no problem in releasing the urine because it is easy, but the problem is to release the stool because sometimes it is difficult to do that especially if the person is older and that will cause a problem because body waste are the cause some diseases.

By not releasing the body waste regularly for example if a person has no regular bowel movement, there is a chance that the blood pressure will increase, it can also the cause of hyper acidity and what is worst is it can also one of the cause of colon cancer. So, how to prevent those disease? It can be prevented by releasing our body waste regularly, but how to make it to release those body waste regularly? Regular bowel movement is important, to release the body waste like stool you need to eat foods that has a fiber and also fruits and have a regular exercise.

In my case, I have a formula on how to release those body toxic like the stool. What I did is I wake up early in the morning, then do some exercise, drink plenty of water and I ate apples early in the morning with empty stomach. By doing that every morning it helps me to easily release my stool or waste and it cleanse my colon. In that sense it can help to prevent disease and even colon cancer. I feel good everyday with a clean colon it helps me to breath will and it prevents high blood pressure and it also help to lower down the level of my blood sugar