Saturday, April 29, 2017

Football an exciting game

watching AFC football
Football is one of the exciting game to watch because I have already experiencing watching a football game between the Philippines and Vietnam and I feel so match excitement. In what scene of the game the fans feel an excitement while watching a football game? As I observed the excitement happens when the player is aiming for a goal and the ball is suddenly intercepted by the opposing team, when the player is going near the goal with the ball on his or her position and aim for a goal but block by a goal keeper, when players of both team are running aiming the ball and when a player make a goal or score.

Watching football game in a venue is more exciting than watching it in a television even it is live because you can really feel the real excitement together with the crowd.  Sometime in our life we need some leisure time because life is boring without have fun or leisure time. Watching football is a good leisure time together with your family or friends. In other places like Europe the football game is very popular. Most well-known football players are in Europe and there are also lots of star player in football that are in Europe.

The reason why Europe produces best football players in the world is that they give more important to the football game. Parents usually send their children in a football school to learn and to be train on how to play the football game. At the early age they have already introduced on how to play football game, they are oriented about the offense and defense and also they are oriented about the rules on how to play football. Yes watching football game is one of the most exciting games to watch, it makes you to shout louder, it makes you feel nervous and it will make you happy and it will really excite you.

Watching football game is one of my leisure time together with my family. My kids really love to watch football. During the game they shout and cheer to their team. Kids also feel too much excitement when watching football game. They love to watch football together with their favorite snacks and drinks.