Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Knowing the laws and ordinances

local ordinance
It is important for us to know about the existing laws and ordinances in our local place because ignorance of the laws excuses no one. Let me site you an example, last time I go to the city and I cross in a street, I am not aware that the city has an existing law or ordinance about jaywalking. I was caught by police having a violation of the jaywalking ordinance and if you violate that law you are going to pay 100 pesos or you have other option to render a four hours community service. What I did is I choose to pay and not to render community service because I have other important things to do and I have an appointment. The lesson learned is that it is important to know the laws and ordinance in the place where you are going to go.

In knowing the laws and ordinances you do not need to have a lawyer to explain to you about laws or you do not need to go to a law firm just to have knowledge about the existing law. What should you do is to read published newspaper, watch news on a television, read some flyers or public announcement or advisory or  you can asked some of your friends about the latest announcement regarding laws or ordinances that are going to be implemented in your local place. Sometimes social media like Facebook is also useful because there are threads there that you can read and you can get some information. 

The importance of knowing laws and ordinances is that you are aware and you can prevent to commit a certain violation. You can also help others by informing them about the laws or ordinances being implemented so that they can avoid committing it in the future. You do not have worries to find and pay for a lawyer or a law firm that can give you legal advice.