Thursday, May 4, 2017

Breeding of game fowl need time

how to breed
In my own experience in breeding of game fowl it really needs time because it is very expensive to go in breeding of game fowl that is why if you are planning to become a game fowl breeder make sure you have enough time for it. Let me share you my story and experiences in the game fowl breeding. Since I was twelve years old I really love to breed game fowl. I started to breed when I was high school. If you decided to breed game fowl and you have no time tendency is that some of your chicken will die and it will cause a loss of money to you.

I experienced before that I am always failure in breeding of game fowl because I have no time to check and supervise my little farm. I trust it to my care taker and later I found out that lots of money is going to my breeding expenses and little money is going back to me. Some of the reasons why there is no return on my investment in breeding of game fowl before are that more of my chicks die than survive because young chicken needs time in order to survive since I have no time I pass the responsibility to my care taker. I only go to my farm twice or once a month and because of that I cannot monitor properly how the care taker takes care of my chicken. Another reason why I loss in breeding before is that I sell my chicken in low price and I cannot monitor the in and out of the chicken feeds supply.

I learned some lessons from my previous experiences and what I did is that I take time and give focus to my breeding. I am personally the one who breed them, I take good care of my little chicken by feeding them properly in the right time, giving them vaccine, deworm them and watch over or monitor them. Luckily, there is a low mortality rate in my chicken especially the chicks and I was able to increase my production and sales. Because of that there is a return on my investment. Breeding of game fowl really need more time and close monitoring. Do not go into breeding if you have no time because it is a loss of money to you.

How to take care of chicks so that the survival rate of your young chicken will increase? Below is some of my method on how I take good care on my young chicken.

1. Upon hatching with hen I put them in a brooder and provide them a chick starter feeds
2. At the age of one week I immunize them with B1B1 lasota with broncho vaccine
3. When the chick’s age is two weeks I change their feeds to junior crumble starter.
4. I create a chicken house in the range area and release the hen with their chicks when their age is three weeks old. The hen is tie or chord near the chicken house. The chicken house will protect them on direct sunlight and during bad weather. The hen and chick also sleep in the chicken house during night time.
5. At the age of one month I immunize my chicks with fowl pox vaccine. I also deworm them using a water soluble dewormer.
6. At the age of three months I change their feeds into stag developer pellet.
7. When they are already stag I chord them in the chord area.