Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Continuing in higher education

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My boss keep on telling me that I will go back schooling to get a highest educational attainment. According to him there are advantages in getting a higher degree in education such as professional development, self fulfillment and for promotion into highest possible position and schooling can also help increase your salary and benefits.  As a background of my education, I am a grade on Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, after graduation I worked as a data encoder and later a computer programmer of a private company. My next job after I quit in my previous work is I become a University professor up to the present. I decided to enroll in a master’s degree program and I finished and graduated my Master of Science in Computer Science degree. Go back schooling is very challenging there new experiences and I learned more specially in my field of specialization. Schooling help me to become output oriented and handle situation easily even with pressure.

After all I decided again to continue schooling and I enroll in Ph. D. program particularly in Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management. As a Ph. D. student I am very busy complying some of the requirements in school but I really enjoy because for every challenge I encounter I can still manage and it makes me become stronger and responsible. I learned something new and I meet new friends and other professionals that also share their knowledge and expertise to me.

The benefits of continuing in higher education are it can help for your professional development, it can help in your promotion to higher position, you can meet new professionals that can share with you their expertise, it can help to sharpen your mind and you can learn new learnings especially with in the latest technology. There are also options in schooling to go to school or it can be done in online education. There are lots on online courses wherein you can enroll in your master’s or doctoral degree. Go back schooling now, continue to get a higher education because schooling is life and schooling must be continues.