Thursday, July 27, 2017

High marriage cost in Oman

As I read on the news today I learned that the cost of marriage in Oman is high because I saw it in a video that was released by Omanis, the video is humorous and it seems it complains about the high marriage cost that is demanded by woman families in Oman. The video during the time that I access it I saw that there many who already watch the video.

In the video the character is visiting the place of a woman that he wants to marry and in the video the father of a woman is there. In order to become a suitor to his daughter the father prefer that a suitor have the following, it should have a car, an apartment, a jewelry and the suitor need to pay dowry. I learned also that every country has its own culture with regards to marriage. In other countries like Philippines, those things like apartment, car, gift and dowry are not demanded by the family of a girl to the suitor. What is important is that they love each other and they have a stable job before going to married.

I really surprise with that set up in Oman that before you got married, the family of the girls required the suitor to give those things. But what I have said there is a unique tradition for every country and we must respect that. And also, I believe that those things are demanded so that the family of a girl, they are going to make sure that the suitor is stable enough in terms of finances before going to marriage so that he can give a better future to the girl who he wanted to be his wife.

It is very important that before going to marriage you should be ready and financially stable so that you can give comfortable life to your family. Being financially stable before marriage is good so that you can give the basic needs of your family like food, shelter, clothing, education and other needs.