Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Learn html to make money

The first step is to learn html today and make money online while at home. The first step to become a web developer or designer is to learn html because html is the language that is commonly used to create a webpage for your website. Below is a basic structure of an html document.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Basic structure of HTML document</title>
      <h1>Basic structure of HTML document</h1>

In the above code the <!DOCTYPE html>, tells the browser for example google chrome of what type of document to expect, along with what version of HTML is being used in the document. <!DOCTYPE html> must be the first line of code in all of your HTML documents. A web browser must know what language a document is written in before they can process the contents of the document.

What will happen if the <!DOCTYPE html> declaration is not present in your HTML document? It will still work but, the browser will correctly assume that you are using HTML5, as HTML5 is the latest standard. By not including the <!DOCTYPE html> browsers may assume that you are using a other or newer standard of html, and there is a big possibility that your document will be interpreted incorrectly and it will not display the desired output to the web browser. To make sure your document is forever interpreted correctly, always include <!DOCTYPE html> at the very beginning of your HTML documents.

The <html> </html> is the tag in html that indicates the beginning and end of html document. Anything between <html> and </html> will be considered HTML code. Without these tags, it is possible that web browser could incorrectly interpret your HTML code and present HTML content in unexpected ways.

The   <head> </head> is a tag that indicates the head, some of the headings in html are h1, h2, h3 and so on. The <title> </title> is a tag that indicates the title of html document, everything between the begin and end of the title tag will appear in the web browser title bar. The   <body> </body> is a tag that indicates the body of an html document, the content of the body tag usually appears in the web browser. After learning html you need to learn about css and graphic software like adobe Photoshop in order to build or design a website. If you are good enough in html, css and graphic software it is the time that you can earn money online at home because web development and design is in demand today.