Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Secret about apple

The secret that I was found in apple is that it can help to disposed body waste and it helps to clean your colon. Yes it is very true; I have already several experiences with it. Problem about constipation can be solved by eating apple. To effectively clean your colon you should eat apple before eating your meal. For example, you usually eat your lunch at 12:30 pm, the correct time to eat apple is at 11:30 am. In the morning you need also to another apple and drink plenty of water, four glasses of water. The result of that is at around 5:30 am to 6:00 am you will dispose your body waste, you will have a regular vowel movement. In that sense it can help you to main clean colon and you can prevent diseases like flu, heart attack and colon cancer.

The secret that I found in apple is that it can help me to become healthy and it can help me to live longer. Apple is reach in pectin which is considered as liquid fiber that can help to clean the arteries. A clean artery can result to prevent cases of heart attack, and also the secret that I found in eating apple is it can save lives. Self-discipline is important in this kind of practice because you need to follow some steeps and time management.

Apple is a fruit that can be found anywhere; there are available apple that is very affordable. It is good to eat apple as means o cleansing the colon because it is a fruit and in natural way. The secret to have a clean colon is by eating apple and drinking plenty of water regularly at the right time